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The How’s Of Keeping Your Carpet Clean

You buy a carpet for your house just so to give it a flashy look. There is no need having a carpet for your house if you can’t keep it clean. When it comes to cleaning therefore, there are several ways of doing so and in that regard carpet cleaning is no exception. Carpet cleaning is not just a process of removing stains, and dust from your carpet. It is a maintenance process that accounts for neatness and durability of your carpet.

Industrial Carpet cleaning is a practice that should be done every 12-18 months. Unless there are other necessary reasons such as critical stains, or regular dry cleaning for maintenance that can be done periodically depending on the circumstance, the latter is enough. This periodic methods are the major reason for the need for different cleaning methods. This, therefore, leads us to the two main carpet cleaning methods namely dry and wet.

Wet carpet cleaning is the most known carpet cleaning method. In wet cleaning, there are other diversification depending on the extreme and tools used for cleaning. Hot water cleaning or steaming is the most common wet cleaning method. It is the most recommended cleaning method since the hot water completely dissolves the dirt before vacuuming it, therefore, fostering in-depth cleaning, it is however not advised for regular use. Most carpet is set using heat, using such same heat regularly during cleaning could affect the fiber setting or damage the carpet. For fast cleaning one can use other wet cleaning methods that does not involve hot water such as shampoo on foam cleaning.

Dry cleaning is another easy way of carpet fast cleaning. In this method, very little moisture is used, sometimes not at all. A cleaning powder is applied on the carpet to extract the dirt and dust after which the whole thing is vacuumed off. It is a good way of fast cleaning since it does not require time to dry after cleaning. Periodic such cleanings, however, should be followed by an in-depth hot water soil extraction cleaning to remove any dust and cleaning powder that could be stuck down the fibers.

For thorough and in-depth cleaning of your carpet, and in most cases for large carpets, the efficiency depends on the machine used. For in deep general carpet cleaning, use of big machines such as truck-mounted cleaners will greatly help because of their handiness and less noise, they are also well equipped for such purposes. Carpet cleaning may sound like an easy and straightforward way but to professionals there is a lot more to consider. cleaning your carpet with experts is therefore paramount in maintaining the quality of your carpet.

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