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A Guide to British Culture

For many people the british culture entails the monarchy leadership style that they have adopted for decades. But it is not the only thing that can define the british culture. United Kingdom consists of four countries that are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The religion and beliefs in the United Kingdom is all inclusive. The superior religion is Christianity but other types of religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and also Buddhism are present and have the freedom to worship.

The family contributes a very important role to the society. British families in the past decade were the unit of the father,mother, and children but this has been met by changes as single parents are now being embraced. When it comes to marriage so much change is happening as same sex is not new anymore and the society is accepting this type of marriage. It’s the role of the younger family members to take care of their aged relatives in the british culture.

Social rankings are very common in the United Kingdom. The class system is very popular the highest in the rank being wealthy individuals with vast wealth and hold hereditary titles and ties. The middle class did not have any privileges and have to work extra hard to climb up the ladder. Middle class are often those in white color jobs and they live in private posh suburbs and they have access to education.

Gender roles are now not male dominated as they were in the past decades in the United Kingdom. Women are now at the forefront of taking up roles previously regarded as male roles. This has helped to achieve equality when it comes to job distribution and many other things.

The arts are very diverse and this can be backed by the many theatres and cinema places across the countries. They support young talent also in the entertainment industry to help them gain world recognition.

Britons are very direct to the point when it comes to communication but they are also modest. The upper class and old business people in the United Kingdom still prefer to follow the protocols and still use the formal mode of communication. Written communication in the United Kingdom follows strict rules of protocol. Closing a letter will be dependent on how well you know the recipient of the letter.

One should carry a gift and give it to the host that’s hosting the dinner or any other kind of party. The most common gifts include a bottle of wine, flowers or some chocolates. Sending the gift earlier is what some people prefer.
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