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July 29, 2020

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The Benefits Associated with the Installation of Dash Cams

Road accidents happen almost every day, and that explains why road safety should be prioritized. If an accident happens, it is the insurance provider that suffers the most since they have to offer compensation. However, getting a claim approved by the insurance company is usually challenging, and one way to make it simpler is installing dash cams on your fleet vehicles. A dash cam is a small camera that is placed either on the dashboard or windscreen. A dash cam is usually linked to the engine so that it can start recording just after ignition. Since invention, dash cams have proved to be the solution to insurance disputes as they provide a reliable source of evidence regarding an accident. Today, dash cams are available in the market at an affordable price, and with more advanced features hence you should not hesitate to install them on your fleet. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider installing dash cams on your fleet.

The decision of an insurer to pay is usually influenced by the pieces of evidence available. As soon as you file a claim, the insurer will carry out an investigation to establish the eligibility. Instead of relying on the pieces of evidence collected by the insurer, you should provide tamper-proof vides recorded by the dash cam. One of the issues that insurance companies face is falsified and inflated claims, and this can be avoided with dash cams. It, therefore, means that dash cams offer a solution to insurance claim disputes. Also, the time that it will take to get a payout will be significantly reduced.

According to studies, dash cams helps in boosting road safety. In as much as road safety measures and policies, accidents still happen. Most of the accidents that happen are caused by the negligence of the driver. Since a dash cam will record everything that happens throughout the journey, drivers will have no option but to drive safely. No need to worry about filing a claim from time to time if the drivers are careful on the road and respect traffic rules.

The latest dash cams in the market are capable of recording when a vehicle moves. It is the perfect way to know the vehicles that are unattended to in your fleet. Also, installation of dash cams can help reduce your insurance premiums. Risk is one of the factors that influence the premiums. Your fleet will be safer on the road if they have dash cams. Finally, a dash cam can help a driver avoid wrongfully issued tickets by law enforcement officers. Therefore, if you want to enjoy these benefits, you should ensure that your entire fleet is fitted with dash cams.

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