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March 16, 2019

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A Guide to Planning a Corporate Retirement Event

If one of the most important people in your company is retiring, then it is just fitting to celebrate the event with a corporate party. A corporate retirement event is very much different from other types of events since, in this event, one person is being honored for his contribution to the success of the company. So, this means that there are specific things that you need to consider in relation to the person being honored in the event. So, if you are planning your corporate retirement event, you can gain insight on the tips given below. You may seek the help of an event planner for this or you can do the planning by yourself and those around you.

Even if you are honoring a very important person, it is still important to have a budget. You should have an unlimited budget, but you should also not be too tight on it since you are honoring an important person in your company. Base your budget on the importance of your guest of honor, the number of guests you will invite, the venue, food, and come up with a budget that will likely be approved by your bosses.

You should not do the planning all by yourself. Anyone close to the retiree in your company should be included in your planning. You can gain better insight into the preferences of your guest of honor.

This may be a corporate event but this is also important to his family and close friends so include them in your guest list. With the help of his family and his close friends, you will be able to include other important names to your guest list.

It would be a great idea to create an Instagram feed to your retirement event. There are moments in your event that you want to commit to your memory and photography is the best way to do it. Today, people bring their mobile devices and just shoot any photo they want. In your Instagram feed, let every guest upload their photos so that the retiree can enjoy this personalized album with uploaded photos from the event. You can also display these photos on your company’s website.

There should also be a portion in your event where you will recognize the retiree formally. You should highlight his contributions to the success of the company. One way to do this is by highlighting his career through a video presentation. Or for a more personal gesture, ask coworkers to speak about his good contributions to the company success.

Give the retiree a great retirement gift. You gift should impress to him your appreciation of the things he has done for the company. You can ask his family or coworkers what the best gift to give is considering his hobbies and preferences. If he is fond of playing golf, a golf package will be perfect, or airline tickets to travel overseas, a watch or a pen for more traditional ones. Whatever the gift is, it should honor his contributions to your company.
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