How The Emotional Side Effects Of Percocet May Leave A Person Feeling Worse

January 15, 2019

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Opiates such as Percocet are widely used to treat chronic pain, but as new information about their addictive qualities come to light, fewer medical professionals are prescribing them. The emotional side effects of percocet extend well beyond addiction, as the use of opiates to treat pain may also create additional problems and lead to the development of depression and mental health disorders. The key to regaining control is understanding how drugs in this category affect the body and committing to seek professional guidance.

Opiate Use and Depression

When opiates were first introduced as a form of medical treatment, they were typically used to treat depression. The problem with this approach is that for many patients, the signs and symptoms of their depression worsened. While they may be effective at treating depression, those who are struggling with mental health issues may be at an elevated risk for addiction and in some cases, it may worsen a patient’s depressive symptoms.

Chronic Pain and Depression

The presence of pain is likely to lead to depression, especially in individuals that are pre-disposed to mental health conditions. Though some doctors find that the use of opiates is successful in treating pain and the depressive side effects that accompany it, it isn’t a treatment that is suitable for all patients. Studies suggest that the presence of depression may make it harder to treat chronic pain and cause a person to take more opiates than they are prescribed, which in turn fuels addiction.

Treating Depression and Addiction

If a person finds themselves in the throws of addiction that is accompanied by uncontrollable depression, it is imperative to treat both symptoms concurrently. Attempting to separate the two into different categories may lead to relapse in the future and reduce the effectiveness of mental health treatments. A dual diagnoses approach will often help a person break free from addiction and gain relief from the cloud of depression.

When a person grows tired of the struggles of depression and addiction, it is imperative to seek professional help. The team at The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare offers customized treatment plans that will allow anyone to live their life to the fullest. Be sure to call today to speak to an addiction specialist or visit their website to learn more about their innovative treatment methods.