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January 14, 2019

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Reasons Why Daylight Saving Time Should Be Ended

Daylight saving time is also known as summer time or daylight savings time. In daylight saving time, we have more evening hours and less morning hours since a clock is advanced by an hour. During spring, the clock is adjusted one hour ahead and during autumn, they are adjusted one hour back. In spring, you will have a few hours of sleeping and during autumn, you will sleep for more hours. The daylight saving was proposed in order to cope up with the energy crisis. Of late, some people and organizations are proposing the abolition of the DST. The End Daylight Saving Time petition should be approved because of the following reasons.

Daylight saving time should be abolished since it has led to more road accidents. After adjusting our clocks forward, drivers sleep for reduced hours. Austin C an economist discovered this after doing four tests. In spring, a lot of road accidents happen due to one hour of sleep being lost and this has led to more deaths. The best way to reduce road deaths is by supporting the petition to end daylight savings.

Daylight saving time causes heart attacks. Immediately after forwarding the clocks forward and losing an hour of sleep, many people experience heart attacks. Blockage of vessels that carry blood to the heart can be caused by DST. In Spring, the probability of heart attacks rises by 25% while in autumn, the risk lowers by 21%. The End Daylight Saving Time petition should be approved.

Daylight savings time was proposed in order to save on energy but today we have electricity and more energy sources. The aim of embracing DST wat to cut down energy costs. We have enough sources of energy hence DST should be ended.

Researchers have found that abolishing daylight saving time will cut down on the energy bills. Although the lighting energy bills are reduced, air conditioning bills increases. More air conditioning energy is used during the extra hour we get in the evening hence I fully support the abolishing of the daylight saving time.

Record keepers, employees, and travelers are affected negatively by DST. If you are working at night and the clock is advanced by an hour, you will lose one working hour.

Research shows that daylight savings cause signs similar to those of jetlag. After adjusting the clock forward by an hour, the clock in your body will not be in sync with the clock and this may lead to a headache and fatigue among others.

In conclusion, daylight saving time is an outdated practice and should be abolished.

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